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Global Leader Tucker Assessment Profile Snapshot



How do you measure the intercultural competencies required of global leaders?  Would you like to compare yourself to 1880 global leaders from nine nationalities on these essential competencies that characterize successful global leaders?

Take this 5 minute Snapshot Assessment to give you an idea of how you compare to what’s required for success. This will give you insight to what our full Global Leader Tucker Assessment Profile (GLTAP) is like.  It has been used by NASA and top global companies as a fresh new approach to global leadership assessment and development.  


To complete The Snapshot on the following pages, please indicate your choice by clicking the appropriate option.

  • I Strongly Agree with the statement.
  • I tend to Agree with the statement.
  • I am Uncertain about agreement with the statement.
  • I tend to Disagree with the statement.
  • I Strongly Disagree with the statement.

When responding to each statement, keep in mind that there is no “right” or “wrong” answer.  Choose the response that is reflective of what you think or do most of the time.

When you are done with the Snapshot, click "Submit " at the bottom of the last page. This will submit your entries. Once you click "Submit," you may not reenter or change your responses. You will receive the result of your Snapshot once you click "Submit."

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1 Throughout my life, no matter what I did, events seemed to run their own course.
2 If things do not go as planned, I usually relax and make the best of the situation.
3 I remain calm when I have to wait for other people.
4 Most people cannot be relied on to follow through with their promises.
5 Most of the time I find that people are reliable and trustworthy.
6 I am comfortable with situations involving uncertainty or unexpected outcomes.
7 I enjoy meeting strangers and getting to know them.
8 I try to scan as much information as I can to stay up to date with what is going on in the world.
9 I like to experiment and try out new ways of doing things instead of staying with familiar methods.
10 I enjoy making decisions that involve complex situations and issues.  
11 I have difficulty in situations where there are no clear rules or guidelines.
12 I am most comfortable when others speak first or take the lead.
13 I take things as they come and do not get down on myself.
14 The ways that people do things in other countries are interesting and should be respected.
15 It makes me angry when things do not happen when they are supposed to.
16 I like to mix with different kinds of individuals or groups of people.
17 It is a habit of mine to learn from a variety of sources.
18 My beliefs and spiritual values should be adopted by others.
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